"In The Air" lyrics - TORY LANEZ

"In The Air"

That's where you niggas got it fucked up and twisted
They ain't scared about just a regular Black man in America, yeah, they fear that nigga too
But they fear the independent man
They fear the nigga who goes out and gets his
They fear the nigga that goes out and says, "I ain't takin' no for an answer"
They fear the man that says, "I'ma do it, I'ma make the corporation"
They fear the man that thinks above the employee position
They fear the man that wants to be a boss
They fear the Black man in America who's accomplished
When you step outside, when you're in that Benz, when you're in that Bentley
And you shine and you got your ice and your jewelry on
They fear you, nigga
Niggas gotta be stupid to not see what's goin' on out here
They tryna black out every single successful Black man in America

If bein' Black is bein culture, what's the cancel culture?
Sound like some white shit them niggas planted on us
The cops killin' only heroes on the cam recorders
When major corporations ramblin' 'bout niggas on Twitter
When all they did was put BLM in they handles for us
Open your eyes, they ain't standin' for us
It's 2020, been a year, God planned it for us
A lot of things he got planning for us
I'm in the ring like Rocky
I got a shot type Aki, but it'll steal a score
What's everybody in they feelings for?
It's 'cause I'm aimin' at the ceilin' floor
Still poppin' on these niggas, waitin' while they slither
When I'm comin', they can feel it more
The blogs only want my words just to switch 'em more
What do you do when the court lawyers is tellin' you not to talk
And as soon you don't, you playin' the villain for it?
You got a lot of feelings still in store
I'm still hearin' stories, that nigga talkin' 'bout Tory is over
I'm God's child, I'm one of his most glorious soldiers
I'm workin' at the old man's, custodian, quota
I'm notorious for the stories of overcomin' the poorest of situations and comin' out glorious from 'em
Niggas taught us to sell dope when you bored in the summer
He was lackin' a couple cast, then got caught in the summer
Pulled up on him, they started clappin' his dome in the summer, no wonder
That was my dawg, I used to fuck with him hard
He pull up to the tour bus with the dawgs
He used to tell me I'm a Don and I'm a prince and how I come with the charm
And laughed back and say, "Don't fuck with no frauds"
'Lil cuz, you a star
Take me to the back, bust a cigar
Told me rap and stop hustlin' raw, but I was doublin' hard
Next step, cop comin' in car and you was always there to bust up a charge
Shit just fucked with me hard
Now it's pannin' out, news cameras standin' out
Wrongfully accused but on the news is what the man about
Even my own friends hands wasn't out
Tell me, what that's all about?
Fame got us fallin' out

Niggas hated on me, made me grind harder
It's gon' be people that gon' switch when the times harder
The door's open for a short line of niggas and it figures
It's the time, I ain't tryna make my line longer
I made my mind stronger
I made my heart colder
I work the best when my back was up at the wall for ya
I'm goin' through some changes, close friends turn to strangers
I'm tryna turn the pages even though it's anger in my heart for ya
Yeah, more important than ever
The snow is fallin' on my brain in the coldest December
I tell a lie like, "Yo, I'm fine," but I'm holdin' together
I'm back on pace for the race
I'm at a rate where niggas just start blowin' this cheddar so damn hard that I part ways
With both of my hoes and had 'em both trippin' out and goin' together
For all the ones that know me better, you know I'm fed up
The only way to hold a set up is to know a set up

I don't like to do this, y'all just act like I ain't human
Please don't listen to the rumors that they try alludin'
I've never hit no woman, why the fuck would I just do this?
This be that dark label shit, them niggas tryna do me
I know the secrets and I know the fuckery
And they don't want me to say nothin' so they tryna shut- (Uh)
But God the only one in line to judge me
The other side and kind is ugly and they tryna fuck me, yeah
What happened to the times of helpin' self?
When we dehumanizin' celebrities with mental health
Don't know the story, so we make one and upset ourselves
So nowadays, I feel the pain from certain niggas I ain't never felt
We just marched in unity about us bein' brothers
And y'all ain't even hear my side, that's how we bein' brothers?
It's kinda crazy, white folks ain't even sayin' nothin'
Only celebs I'm seein' hatin' are my same color
Get it together, we gotta get it together
My nigga, we Black skin and we gotta live it together
Fuck how you feelin' about me, we got a mission together
You gotta listen, 'cause God, he gotta get his endeavor, preach
Tory, you in this situation, not because he's hatin'
He's usin' Megan as a vessel and a test of faith and
Even when you at the bottom, it's when he makes his way in
God, thank you for turnin' me into a demonstration