"Life" lyrics - TORY LANEZ

feat. Yoko Gold

[Intro: Tory Lanez]
(Come in)

[Verse 1: Tory Lanez]
Names that you know me by, praise to the holy high
Shit, been a lonely ride, all I do is only try
Weed is my only high, magazine forty-five
I can tell the pain in youngin' from my shorty's eyes
Rap niggas gettin' at me, young niggas pickin' at me
I'm shootin' past the limits, a nigga trigger happy
Shade Room gettin' nasty, Black girls flippin' at me
Bestfriends switchin' on me, shit, at least a nigga happy
White drapes on the wall, white babes on the call
Spanish joints on the call, white grape on the pour
Champagne where you see us, man came from to see us
Jay-Z and Penny Marshalls, I felt that and it's awful
Fake niggas tryna play me, lame bitches tryna blame me
Same niggas gassed up, same niggas tryna flame me
We made it past the margin and past the section eighty
We got white people marchin', this shit is fuckin' crazy
We gon' be on the favors, I'm soapy on the faker
It's real shit goin' on, George and Breonna Taylor
Type shit ain't on the fogal, fly bitches on my scrotum
They pay me for appearance and pay me for my vocals
Yeah, fuck all that happy shit niggas want me on
It's niggas in my line of work that want me gone
House that come with alarms, spouse that come with a charm
Lamb' that sit in garage, that don't come from the farm
I see wonderful views, when God got me, it'll pay any one of my dues
Holla at one of y'all, choose, how I was one of them dudes
Well if you was them you'd probably front on me too
Yeah, if I was you and you were me, I would stunt on me too
Cash from seein' blessings, I got too much money at this point to be aggressive
I hate bein' outside knowin' I need to stress it
I hate overprovin' myself without bein' present, preach nigga
Get in the booth now, so I'm like givin' it my own shit now

[Verse 2: Tory Lanez]
Lame niggas talk about me, same niggas walk around me
Hate me and strongly doubt me, I feel like Robert Downey
Back through the fly again, hoes sayin' "hi" again
Newly and improved suit, yeah lil' bitch, I'm Ironman
Hotter than bacon oil sittin' in the fryin' pan
New set of wings on me, Red Bull, flyin' man
We don't even count the money, we weigh it up and we eye the bands
I'm pullin' fuckin' strings, I feel like Einer Bankz
God usin' my situation to break the limitations
Soar past the niggas hatin', more past the shit that's waitin'
Devil in his recreations, Black on Black segregation
Turnin' us against each other, faith ain't gotta test your patience
Black boy, shine, nigga, Black women, grow baby
Black boy and Black women together, now that's a soul baby
That's on my soul, baby, down to the toes, baby
The feelin' to feel like "d-d-d, d-d-d, d-d-d, d-d-d, d-d-d"
Let's have some conversations, F all the contemplations
Look how we livin', young world, peep all the abominations
Shit is a prime example, truth in that time of answer
Truth and the time'll tell like Mike and Chance when it's time to sample
Slide through the vacant door, fuck niggas hate me more
Have we got this critical that we can't even be human and let niggas even make mistakes anymore?
What happened to bein' us? What happened to bein' more? Wassup

[Bridge: Yoko Gold]
Woah, sexy moonlight dance on the horizon
It's over, it's cold and full of violence
I pray you find peace inside the silence
I pray that you see the light
Your words sting like bees all on my body
Make me sip, I speed in that Bugatti
Devil's on my soul and on my body
Just pray that I see the light

[Outro: Tory Lanez]
You know I-I realize I want to be like a-a walkin' testimony to-to kids
Or to-to teens and people who are worldwide that, you know they allow like the internet, the social media, the fake ass cancel culture to bring 'em down and-
You know thirty comments, two hundred comments, a thousand comments about you one day brings your world down
I want y'all to look at me and realize I'm walkin' testimony of someone who just doesn't give a fuck about none of that shit
Imagine the whole fuckin' world and a bunch of millions of mothafucka's just hatin' at the same time
Actin' like as if you're not human as if, you know a thousand death threats later you gon' feel the same you gon'-, you know?
But in all of that, you know, I kept a smile on my face because I knew what I know and beyond everything I want you to look at my situation and gain strength from me and realize that nigga, say what, "I didn't give a fuck, you ain't gotta give a fuck either"
And whatever you gon' do shall pass just like everything else in your life
You know the waves go, they go and you keep sailin'
Just keep sailin', keep sailin', keep sailin'
Eventually, you get to your destination and guess what?
You look back and you can't even see niggas no more
So never forget, it's three things: how special you are, the purpose you come with, the reason you're here
God bless you