"Fishtail" lyrics - TYLER, THE CREATOR


[Intro: DJ Drama]
If we find anything in these days and times
I hope it's to live your life
There's no rules to this
Be your motherfuckin' self

[Chorus: Tyler, The Creator & DJ Drama]
Fishtailin', I'm fishtailin'
I'm fishtailin', ain't no tellin' if I'm out of control
I'm fishtailin', I said, I'm fishtailin' (With everything we accomplish)
I'm fishtailin', ain't no tellin' if I'm out of control (Yeah, it's still so much more to do)

Hawthorne, California, years that I was formin' up
Before the world would know me and I would come and perform for ya
I was baby bossin' things outside of my cornea
In the world with mama, where papa didn't show up for us
I ain't let it phase me, I just focused on my wishes
Execute ideas and accumulate multi-millions (Pow, pow, pow, pow, pow)
Get a bigger house with a kitchen to cook our meals in
No niggas that can press me whenever I exit buildin'
A boy on handlebars that would listen to all my demos
That list was 'bout as long as a limo, but, here's the memo
Them niggas that look like me treat my nuance as a nuisance
So they would segregate me 'cause I didn't match they blueprint
What you think that's tied to? Shit, they don't know, but I do
So we don't match in eye view, nigga, you peaked in high school
So we can not compare, your perspective is stuck, goner
'Cause I was signin' eight-figure checks with my gloves on

[Chorus: Tyler, The Creator & DJ Drama]
I'm fishtailin', I'm fishtailin'
I'm fishtailin', ain't no tellin' if I'm out of control (Don't regret tomorrow what you didn't do today)
(Dreams can always become reality)
I'm just livin' my life as the best I see
If it don't excites me, we not the same team
Watchin' comma, comma, comma since I turned nineteen
So do not pay me no mind

"How it feel? How it feel?" My nigga, it's so good
Smile on that baby face, schooling I was fuckin' up
Focused, I was comin' up, them kiddies had them tummies up
Was nineteen years of age when my pockets was 'bout a hundred up
How I get them checks off, nigga?
I ate and I paid my mama's debt off, nigga
Now the pay stubs is silly, it's millis from old banter
The ice near my shoulders colder than Homelander
No lackin', ma, the jimmy is strapped like some old sandals
I don't brag 'em, but she said my shit longer than old phantoms (Skrrt)
No alcohol or opium (Nope), he sober like some polar skin
He focused, 'cause he ain't think rap could take him to this podium (Yeah)
Livin' every day to the fullest, but move in silence
So romanticize your life, 'cause tomorrow ain't pinky promised


Bitch, I'm fishtailin', yeah
I ain't think rap could take me this far, for real
Changin' niggas lives
I took my mom to Roscoes, early on
And I was like "Listen, you never have to work again in your motherfuckin' life"
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, ah
I kept that promise

[Outro: DJ Drama]
Who would've ever thunk it?
I mean, did you see we was gon' make it this far?