"Embarrassing Kid" lyrics - VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR

"Embarrassing Kid"

Embarrassing kid looks into the mirror
And grins like an idiot at his own face.
For as long he lives he will not be delivered
From the stuff that he did, from his teenage mistakes.

I can barely believe it
How I went and let the old school down.
Yeah, whatever can I have been thinking of?

Embarrassing kid, I squirm at the memory,
Try to bang down the lid on the can of worms.
It remains pretty strange and uncomfortable territory
Where my secrets are hidden, however absurd.

I can hardly conceal it,
How my ashen face got drained of blood.
Yeah, everybody can have a damn good laugh.

Embarrassing kid, you don't know the half of it,
But I'd stake a few quid you've got gaffes of your own.
Take a look at yourself and you might have to laugh a bit...
But the teeth that you grit, well at least they're your own.

And yes at the end of the day
We get what we've given away,
You bet: our eternal embarrassment.