"Your Time Starts Now" lyrics - VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR

"Your Time Starts Now"

Your time starts now
Without a question,
Without a clue,
Your response will attest
To suggestion's power, so strong
And growing stronger.
With self-belief
You've pulled through but you belong here no longer.

Fly by night, it's over; day by day it's done.
Was it simply oversight that's left you overcome?
While you've been distracted -
Playfully, no doubt -
Your time's been running out.

Your time starts now
And that's the poser.
You're going to need
All the help you can get
For the ride's nearly over.

All that information,
All that warp and weft...
For all your patient fortitude you're patently bereft
Of clue, of hint, of notion,
Of answers, even vague.
You're ploughing forward nonetheless
As though by simple doggedness
The far side'll see you saved.

Your time starts now
And yes, you'd best begin it,
However long
You've held back,
You've demurred,
Get on track, pace by pace,
Just go on,
Just go further...