".44 Caliber Love Letter" lyrics - ALEXISONFIRE

".44 Caliber Love Letter"

Sifting through weathered photo albums
(Does it make a difference?)
Looking for gloriously aged polaroids
(This is the way it is)
(You think it really would make a difference? Would I hang on the beach in perfect black and hide?)
Of places you've never been.
(I broke through this hollow shell that once held me so tight I couldn't breathe)
A place to accept you don't exist
(Come with me, jump off the edge)

"Smile for the camera, sweetheart. I really wanna immortalize the moment"
Just remember the first step in forgetting
Is destroying all the evidence.
With friends like you
Who needs subtext?
Sub. Text. Sub. Text.

This is a.44 caliber love letter straight from my heart

With a gun, make your shot
Let's hope for better shit
(Straight (straight!) from (from!) my (my!) heart (heart!))
That reason for separation.
(Straight (straight!) from (from!) my (my!) heart (heart!))
Straight from my heart
Christened by your bullet
I'm losing patience
Well I guess...
It's my own fault

Don't remember
Don't remember
Don't remember