"Jubella" lyrics - ALEXISONFIRE


You had such grace in the end
And I wish I could remember
What colour your eyes were
Every time looked at you my mind went blank

You had the best damn Sunday dress
(You claimed to be the one)
At the end
(Who would bring down the stars)
Of the world
(But as of yet I've seen nothing)
Of the world

The walls of flames that consumed you
And everything that was good
And not with a bang
But a whimper

Except (except)
The dead (the dead)
Flowers (flower you gave)

What would you do?
Arms spread, welcoming
The impending nothing
Nothing, nothing, nothing

You had such grace (you had such grace) in the end
I wish I could remember (in the end)
What colour your eyes were (in the end)
But every time
Looked at you my mind