"Polaroids Of Polar Bears" lyrics - ALEXISONFIRE

"Polaroids Of Polar Bears"

Raped by my childhood
What the hell do I know about rape anyway?
Well, I guess it's fun to pretend
Just a thought that occurred
When I wasn't quite awake enough to dismiss

It's easy
(You always used to stay within arm's reach)
To cheapen an event
(But now it seems I'm all by myself)
By pretending it happened
Only by pretending it happened
(Save my life)

(My life was taken tonight)
My life
(My life was taken tonight)
My life

Boring cliched self-destruction
I think I should start doing aerobics
And the rest...

Boxes of cats
People with Taz tattoos
Explosive personalities
Protractor from junior geometry sets
Inability to do math

Polaroids (tonight) of polar bears (tonight)
Polaroids (my life) of polar bears