"Elevator Music" lyrics - BECK

"Elevator Music"

One, two
You know what to do
Alright mm, c'mon

I'm uptight, super-gutted, out of the frame
I shake my leg on the ground like an epileptic battery man
I'm making my move, lettin' loose like a belt
Little worse for wear, but I'm wearing it well

Tell me what's wrong with a little grind n' bump?
When the stereos erupt with a kick drum punch?
Once you do it once, probably do it again and again
You did it before, but you're more erratic than then

And you had a rough night and the ride's just begun
Let a little bit of this, put the past where it's done
Don't let it hold you back, but you've already said
No dead flowers gonna grow till the dirt gets wet

Put the elevator music on
Pull me back where I belong
The ambulance sings along
The fly on the wall doesn't know what's wrong

If I could forget myself
Find another lie to tell
If I had a soul to sell
I'd buy some time to talk to my brain cells

Gutbucket and a bottle of pain
It's like the schoolhouse lights will never turn on again
Till the bottom wears off of these high-heeled boots
The bodies all move to some backbone roots

Everybody workin' hardt till the yard is all clean
The dishes wash good in the washin' machine
Now you brush your teeth and you comb back your hair
You drive your vehicle like you just didn't care

And you walk into work with the boys and the girls
And you're doin' it to death, it's the end of the world
Now there's everybody's sweatin', forgettin' what's on their mind
With your hand like a mirror you can see what's inside

When you're down and out
Pounded and there's nothing that's real
It's like a plastic heart
Too amputated to feel

I got a soda can bible song
A paranoid Jumbotron
The Lord took the weekend off
The fly on the wall doesn't know what's wrong

If I could forget myself
I'd find another lie to tell
The bottom of an oil well
Cell phone's ringing I could talk to my brain cell

Come on
All the dudes with banjos
Chicks with wicks
Animals with bananas
Got my hand like a mirror
You can see what's around

Na na na
Na na na
Na na na