"New Round" lyrics - BECK

"New Round"

When the oceans are dark, the heavens are foreboding
The chainlink wind is breaking you open
And the lessons of the day
On the blackboard of night
Seem to be erased and the beacon has no light

The eyes of confusion are looking far astray
From everything you needed to keep the dogs at bay
There's no escape hatch, no submarine
Could take you to the moon, rake you in the leaves

And keep you just as safe as you are in my hands
That someday, someday say bye bye
Bye and bye and bye and bye

Smaller than a stone, bigger than a road
Farther than an ocean, closer than a soul
Every little word and every little step
Every new direction, the closer you will get

And farther away, you'll go from where we are
And try to keep it with you and hold it like starling
From a frozen lake to a hollow moon
Push yourself beyond the wall they carved for you

And when you bring it down with all their false eyes
When you've made it yours, don't forget its yours
Bye and bye and bye and bye