"Amtrak" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.


Now won't you chucka chucka chucka chucka chucka? [4x]

I know you hear this train coming rumbling down the track
Don't miss out on this pimpin shawty, it ain't coming back
I'm steamrolling no controllin', while I whippin'
Smoke stacking, seal cracking while I'm switching
Gears. It makes it hard to hear with 15s in the caboose
I'm more southern than Norfolk bitch that's why they love what I do
Caution, danger, when I'm on my shit there ain't no slowing down
Picking up the loners that's horny whenever I am in town
Them yellowbellies, them, them, them coco browns
They love to give me that, that chu chu chu chu sound
I toot my horn to all them haters bumpin, bumpin

'Cause I know they hear this train coming
Yeah, bitch I know you hear this train coming, aha

You know you want to ride on my locomotive
And I bleed the brakes off the train till you can't control it
Now won't you chucka chucka chucka chucka chew it? [4x]

I know you hear this train coming you best grab your bags
Don't worry about your partners and them just bring your ass
Now let me break it down (down) before we go
Don't hold back what the good lord gave you, let it show
Now all aboard for all of those that claim they down to get it
I advise you to exit right now if you ain't down with it
Really, I am just trying to free your mind from this prison
I show you how to get out if you just listen
You'll never want to leave ya if you just visit
This ain't no more cars coming calling the time is ticking
Your homegirl just aight, I'm kind of picky
But you a booming business, I hope she got a ticket



Let me see your ticket
Where you tryna go down? Hmmm I don't think this gon' get you there. Yeah I can take you though. If you really wana go there
You gotta be just my type, shawty... Because