"R4 Theme Song" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"R4 Theme Song"

Refrain from bein lame, say it like you mean it
Get up of your feet like it's the first time you've seen it
Music is my bitch, let nothing come between us, can't no one do it better ho, it's the return forever, forever, forever, forever,forever, forever, forever, forever, forever...

They hollerin' bout time, that's what they told me
You want this money don't be scared ho show me
Old school, I'm pushin hella flats
I'm workin wheels, crackin seals, breakin pro's backs
Never change, I can't be Hollywood
I'm way too country, plus I'm bumpin' in my neighborhood
5th wheel, comin out hard
'Cause all I wanted was some rims on the candy car
3rd coast, now what you know about it
I keep it trill, never slippin' you should never doubt it
Pimp tight, picture perfect frame, never trickin on these dames, refrain from bein lame


They hollerin' hold up, look I can't slow it down
Too much to prove, if it ain't money I can't come around
Multi, that's what I'm known for
I'm never comfy, came from nothin bitch I want more
Don't play, you know the score fo'real
I kept it country, and I've been country even with a deal
Still fly, can't keep a player down
Mainstream is cool but in my heart forever underground
Thank god, make due with what I have
I grew up poor, fuck what you heard I ain't goin back
R-4, I'm lettin my nuts hang, never trickin on these dames, refrain from bein lame


[Outro: Sample]
Now remember, now you've got to go out there and you gotta work like nobody's ever worked before...
Can you dig it?