"The Vent" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"The Vent"

[Verse 1: Big K.R.I.T.]
A mother lost her child, I tried to ease her pain
"It's only God's will", she says she felt the same
It's funny how the sun will up and bow to rain
As if the clouds couldn't stand to see me outside again
Wrote a rhyme that was kind with some vision to it
Bottom line it might expand your mind if you listen to it
Too much shine can dull the soul
If you feel how I feel, then I'll rap some more
How can the devil take my brother if he's close to me?
When he was everything I wasn't but I hoped to be
I get a little honest and I ask myself
If the time come, will you save me if I ask for help?
Sent my mind on a journey to the outter most
To document what it had seen and CC me the notes
And ask Kurt Cobain why, 'cause I need to know
He stopped when he had such a way long to go
I saw love in the eyes of a perfect stranger
She overlooked my caring heart in search of a gangster
Will we ever be together only time will tell
She call my phone and talked to me as her eyes would swell
I put my problems in a box beside my tightest rhymes
Under lock and key, buried deep off in my mind
And when it gets too full and I can't close the lid
I spaz on my family and my closest friends
Trade my materials for a peace of mind
I am so close to heaven, hell, I just need some time
Who cares about life and the high's and low's
Maybe I should write another song about pimps and hoes
Cars and clothes, idol gods, golden calves, Louis scarves
I do this for the love and it's free of charge
I don't need jail to be behind bars
This is purely art
In my grandma's household this was surely taught
Don't be naive, yeah, these times is hard
In the midst of all the glamour I hope you find God
I never wished to be the burden bearer
But souls need saving and it's now or never
Shock value is all they wanna see
It's us against them and it's just you and me
Trying to take heed what I say in my songs
Forgive me if I ever ever steered you wrong
Most people stop for signs but I driven through it
If it don't touch my soul then I can't listen to it
The radio don't play the shit I used to love
Or maybe I am just growing up
I never seen a star on a red rug
If I wanna see stars I just look above
To the heavens

I know you've been down so long
So I'll be stronger for you
I know you've been down so long
'Cause I've been down too
Yes I understand
What you're going through
Yes I understand
'Cause I'm going through it too

I pray that you find your way
And all things old become new
I pray that you find your way
For my sake 'cause I'm lost too
Yes I understand
What you're going through
Yes I understand
'Cause I'm going through it too

I lost my friend this morning
Woke up screaming her name
She meant so much to me
I'm scared I won't be the same
Hope you understand
What I'm going through
Hope you understand
When I call out for you
To vent