"Playa" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

feat. Corey Cato

[Hook: Big KRIT] [2x]
I'm playa, look at what I do to all these haters
Take you straight to the top like escalators
Riding on vogues
Pimpin' these hoes, slamming Cadillac doors
I'm fly, I'm fly, I'm fly, so fly
It's a bird, it's a plane, no I'm doing my thing
'Cause I'm fly

I be so fly I can soar above the clouds
Angel wings [?] on the spaceship
Yeah, we might not touch the ground
This my high, superman, red cape
Draped out, ice cream gorilla
Hell yeah, we baked out
My whip [?] to you
We can fly wherever
Buckle up, safety first
She seen us lever
Of the European features
(Ladies) to the cockpit
This ya captain speaking
You gotta love that
Gotta love that
[?] every field
We flying all above that
Caddy, outer spacin'
Tell that bad chick we goin' places


[Verse 2: Big KRIT]
Up, up and away
I probably be the flyest
So high up in the air

Speed bump lane
[?] to this skyscraper

It's amazing

The sky be purple hazin'
Where we purple rainin'
I know you feel it
I know you feel it
That after that
I'm thorough with this pimpin'
I soccer ball kick it to the women round the world
And they with it, cause


Yeah, yeah, Krizzle stay back

I gotta go get it

NBA ballin'
[?] like Odom
I'm back, I told 'em keep it pimpin'

I'm so high, so high
Shawty won't ride with me
I told 'em bring a parachute