"Shawty I'm On" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"Shawty I'm On"

Hold up homie we ain't done yet, this your boy Big KRIT, this my new single 'Shawty I'm On' request it on your local radio station, it's going down, something new for the people

Just look at the grill, just look at the chain
You can tell by my car I do my thing
Shawty I'm on, shawty I'm on, shawty I'm on, shawty I'm on
I could do it better, get money whenever, get money wherever, however
And shawty I'm on, shawty I'm on, shawty I'm on, shwaty I'm on

I can wake up fresh, with the sun on my face
Baby girl like what you doing? Hey, I'm on my paper chase
You wanna stunt? Yea! You wanna shine? Yea!
Don't let these haters stop ya, best stay on your grind, yea
Go ahead do it big, every chance you get
You better than me, you better than them
I stick to the hustle, I'mma make sure they love us
You just stick to them books, big brother be your muscle
I got ya if they tussle, I'm known around the city
Your word is all you got, so make sure that you the realest
On the [?] if you don't feel it, ask questions till you get it
And can't nobody ever, ever, take your spirit
You feel me tell 'em


Hey you could be whatever, get money legit
If ya gotta crank something, go and crank that whip
And get gone, and get on
And you the top of this game to sit on
I like to ball too, I got the fresh clothes
The ugly Dodgers jeans and hoodies with the retros
You like the retros? While I'mma get you none
Just work hard and stack your paper and go and get you some
And nothin' for free baby, take it from me baby
Real life ain't as nice as Sesame Street, baby
One day you'll understand and you'll be glad I told ya
Just take a walk with me and let a playa show ya


We wanna stunt? You wanna shine?
You want the best? You gotta grind
You want the good life? You want a nice whip?
You want your own check? You want a nice crib?
Well own your own business, how bout your own cellar?
Get money doin' what you love, ain't nothin' else better
Be what you wanna be, this go for anyone
Whether you 5, 85, or you 21


Shawty I'm on, shawty I'm on, shawty I'm on
Hey what business is? Man it's your boy Big KRIT
Either you with us or you against us, pimpin'
It's been going down since '04 you feel me? I'm here
I made my own beats too Shawty get at me!
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