"Blood Money" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"Blood Money"

Niggas gettin' in my way, don't wanna see me get paid
Blood money, same place that nigga talk be the same place that nigga lay
Blood money, keep the heater close to me, it gets cold off in these streets
Blood money, can't starve watching niggas eat, I'm takin' food out the belly of the beast

I reign supreme, give me the cream or I'm shootin'
Pistol whip the driver in the head just for movin'
I got the scoop
From this ho that I knew
She talked about the lick
As she sucked on my dick
I called up my big bro, couldn't do it solo
Late night mission, so I popped a couple [?]
Ski mask and black glove, I hit 'em with the fire
If niggas actin' tough then we takin' niggas lives
The play was in motion, I grabbed the nigga ear [?]
The stupid nigga [?], the chrome millimeter
Extra clips in case a nigga in the bushes
Tear through him like tissue, I leave his chest mushy
The hit was spectacular, miraculous
Scored some keys, now I'm feelin' fabulous
100 thou in the duffle
I'm leavin' niggas muffled
No witnesses for the shit we did
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Got a house being built, so I stack them bricks
I'm livin' large, Lambos in garage
Credit is A1, no more knives and guns
Shit was gravy, I got a little lazy
Niggas start talkin' in that hood, bitch page me
Raided a spot with AKs and Glocks
They got her and her boyfriend tied up at the docks
She ain't know who to call so she call my phone
Now they ask you who done it? So you call my phone
Hang up, grab the banger, threw Biggie in the changer
I'm seein' cars pull up, so I know I'm sensing danger
Get on the phone, call my big bro up
Yo, we got beef over cheese and it ain't cold cut
He [?] no surprise, wipe the cold from your eyes
Either rally the troops or your little brother dies
Blood money!