"Boast Or Brag" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"Boast Or Brag"

Now usually I don't boast or brag, but today different
I will go with a bad bitch and I inhale some pimpin'
Come inhale some with me lady, tingle your nose
Exhale once you're feel it way down deep in your soul

Be advised since I've been ridin' [?], now I'm back in the mix
Kickin' pimpin', the 3rd coast business they be loving my shit [?]
Niggas hatin', all of the while I was hittin' it big
Something wicked, that's what I'm spittin', so they come and they cheer
Hold up, I've never been the type to be playin' fishes up in the sea [?]
[?] chick still in the coupe while tryin' to lay some egg for me
Never that, bust on stomachs, backs, and all places
[?] and sometimes on broads faces
I never act, just for laughs let some broad taste it
Ironically it be they boyfriends who call hatin'
So while they kissy, kissy, I ball deeper with this paper
Truly married to my money because our love ain't over [?]


I was told as a youngin' don't let 'em take you for granted
And everything for the break independent on how you handle it
Most broads like packages shipped, they come in damaged
And most niggas sign as soon as they get hold of panties
But I send it back if it ain't good, that's how I'm rollin'
As a kid I never had toys that came already broken
Inhale some of this pimpin', I heard it's good for token
I speak it well, but sometimes I prefer the smokin'
It's like a friend till the end then I hold it closest
If it was wine I would get a glass and propose a toast
For all the women that be feelin' the kid
Then I tell them to close their eyes and take it deeper within