"Grammy Night" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"Grammy Night"

Yea, the broads out
Bring the cars out
Taking pictures of us 'cause the stars out
It's Grammy Night, Grammy Night
It's Grammy Night, Grammy Night
Champagne poppin', gonna be hella spendin'
I'm so fresh, yes, this award winnin'
It's Grammy Night, it's Grammy Night

I saw a month of stars, my whip Viagra hard
Pull up so fresh, so clean, valet pay me to park my car
My tux is tailor made, but I still rock my J's

Just gotta take [?] yea you can surf these waves
Take a picture of this pimpin' young nigga and you best gone frame it on your wall
It's a symbol to the haters that Young Krizzle wrote the book on how a nigga is supposed to ball
Crawl, grind, shine, I'm
Red carpet treatments are Debonair, yes just divine [?]
On the ride I gotta pull up thick, we deep up in this bitch
Just me? ahahaha! And they all up on my dick
Let a real nigga up in here, halfway [?] gotta make it clear
Nominated for the realest spitter any nigga ever seen in a couple years


Okay, questions about my methods to writin' and spittin' bars
I say outrageous shit like - I'm not from here, I'm from Mars
That's where I get my cars, somewhere you outta visit
My spaceship malfunctioned and crash-landed in Mississippi
I see what grindin' get me
More camera time than Brittany
My sex tape drop next week but I got it for the low if you need to get it
My space done put me on, tell all my fans I love ya
I wrote my thank you speech, these nominees ain't bustin'
These nominees ain't nothin'
They albums sit on the shelves
I have a better chance of losin' if I was against myself
Even then I would win, to be this fly is a sin
I'm on my way inside, let the Grammy's begin


One time for [?]'s Village
Bad news V-A
This is the See Me On Top Mixtape, Volume 3!
Big KRIT, youngest in charge
DJ Infamous
Coach K I see you!