"Best Side Of Me" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"Best Side Of Me"

I just wanna see, I just wanna see, I just wanna see
The best side of me, the best side of me, the best side of me
It's just so easy to be, I'm just so easy to be
A motherfucking P-I-M-P
I know it's hard on you shawdy, hey, I know it's hard on you shawdy

Hey, I met ya on a bright summer day and it was cool
I thought you was fly and you thought I was rude
And you had you a dude, but he wasn't around
You liked a nigga's swag so you wrote your number down
We jumped our friendship off right
On the phone all day and all night
You told me you was feeling me, digging me
Seeing a connection with our signs and our energy
Askin' if I ever hurt a girl and if I would
I told you I never, ever cheat if I could
I could tell you was down, not the type just to cut
Yea, your boyfriend cheated 'cause you wouldn't give it up
Now I know you was testing me, seeing if I'm playin'
When you ask me 'bout marriage, I know just what you're sayin'
I'm cool with the choices and decisions that you make
I feel ya, so shawdy, hell yea I can wait
But baby girl


Now I ain't really trippin' when you going through my clothes, and you seeing all these numbers in my phone
And you ain't go to trippin' when I left the after party and I told you that I wasn't comin' home
Hey, now I don't go to trippin' when you talkin' to your girls, have them follow me around like a witness
Now she blowin' up my phone, she ain't never kept a nigga, puttin' her 2 cent all in our business
But I can see your concern 'cause I ain't actin' like I used to
I don't wanna talk 'cause I knowin' I confuse you
Love you baby girl but I don't think that I can budge
Ya ask me if I like it every time you see a tux
Your momma think I'm nice but your daddy hate my guts
I only care for you, so I don't really give a fuck
Some days I can stay, some days I can leave
I think you a blessin' from God
But baby girl