"Lights Out" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"Lights Out"

Fresh to death yes I be
Yeah God broke the mold when he designed me
I'm so forward with the flow you gotta rewind me
The lames don't work for you shawty come try me
I'm in the hood with the good that's where you find me
Ya'll artists can't write hits shit come sign me
Can't deny me I'm Jordan in his prime
I'm the type of rapper that drops all the time
Swag is vicious wordplay stupid
Take shots at your heart nigga but I ain't Cupid
No love here this my year
And I just that I'd make that clear

Turn the lights out
You don't really wanna throw them things that I didn't get to find on your brain
Turn the lights out
You might wanna cuff your dame she think of me beam you out the frame
Turn the lights out
The wrist go hard the chain so large I glow in the dark don't believe me
Turn the lights out
I'm the main attraction after me
Turn the lights out
The waitin' on the kid they wanna see me
Turn the lights out

The second time around the second time I clown on em
I'm talking 1980's I'm getting down on em
Turn the lights off I still shine I'm star bright
So far the kid balls star light
Hustle, pimpin' you know what I'm a bizzout
Niggas let their mouth dig hoes they can't get izzout
All this while to get in [?]
Masterpieces I've painted they trynna ruin my image
Shawty like to call me Picasso
Sistine Chapel you do it with the afro
I'm so Van Gogh think of me as art
I look like money in the dark


This time the last time I promise the haters
If I end your career I'm just doing you a favor
I'm saving your paper watch your album drop
Got a million dollar budget and his album flopped
Ringtones mean a million bucks
Yeah their singles be hard but their albums suck
Yeah the label eat good but the artist fucked
Just tell you what I seen that ain't happen to us
No, there's a difference between rappers and artists
Hoes and pimps, shooters and targets
I rip regardless our time is now
But I'mma get money I'm gonna go hard until God
Turn the lights out