"When I Get Money" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"When I Get Money"

Yo, it's fucked man, I'm gonna have to [?] on this shit man, I was just thinkin' like - you ain't got a little bit of paper and shit now, but god damn with this deal and shit, what the fuck you gonna do when you get that real paper dawg?

I think I'm gonna smoke a little more, drink a little more
I think I'm gonna grind a little more, shine a little more
I think I'm gonna flip a little more, pimp a little more
I think I'm gonna do it like I never, ever did it
When I get money, when I get money
When I get money, when I get money
When I get money, when I get money

Okay, you just do you and I'mma do me
He just sold sold two, well I'mma sell three
I'mma sell this like I ain't even cuffing
Go and get you a couple of 'em, 'cause you ain't even bustin'
Okay, when I get money, I'm talkin' trips on the private plane
A green-eyed Brazilian model that's into exotic things
And I've been blowin' exotic flames, stackin' my cash
A couple rocks on my fingertips like life is a bad bitch
Hey, I shine harder than sunlight, that's way past flashy
Paint wheel [?] like a nympho, my whip too nasty
26's ain't big enough like 30's is average
And they like Krizzle you spazzin'
I know, they know


Monsoon in the club, hurricanes are played out
Buyin' everything I see, shawty just have it laid out
My pockets is quite green, my charm is a light beam
I'm rockin' that [?] dodger like niggas rock white tees
My wrist, icy, that strawberry Coca-Cola
Yea, the top on the Benz, push and pop open just like a soda
She swallow just like a cobra, I'm talkin' the whole thing
A nigga be stupid fly, she gave me her whole brain
Diploma for gettin' change, I'm hustler educated
Yea, the whip came customized, so you know that I graduated
A master at gettin' paper, professional stunner, ho
She and Krizzle about to blow, yea he know