"Going Places" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"Going Places"

I'm going places shawty
I'm going places shawty
I just touched down in my city on chrome
[?] from a dealer gettin' dome
I'm going places shawty
I'm going places shawty
Ay won't you kick it with a G
Yeah it's time for them to see the reason that I PIMP

I just touched down on my city on chrome
Been a little while but I'm back in my zone
Krizzle on the throne pimpin' like I'm supposed to
Never seen a nigga on his job ay let me show you
Raw when I roll through mouthpiece killer
Got money got problems ain't nothing to me nigga
I got it from my pops the rules to the game
Wake up [?] cigar and some change
I do it for the late great pimp and them niggas gettin' money
And those pimps still in training that ain't never ever done it
Product of the trill walkin' with Will
You chillin' with a player how it feel?


I just got paid workin' on the slayer
I got a little older but I'm still watching [?]
My stacks don't fold my workers don't talk back
Ain't got all my money baby girl you better walk back
Mack like Goldie Iceberg story
So cold with this pimpin' that my momma couldn't hold me
I keep em catching feelings what I want they willin'
We goin' out of space ay me and you gon' make a killin'
I know you down for trillin' shawty show you right
Buy me clothes buy me ice and that's all for the pipe
Break it down for a pimp like we chillin' in the club
You know I'm going places won't you show a nigga love