"My Last Time" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"My Last Time"

Yea, sometimes you got to go all in
Do it big, you know, I'm talking like it's your last time

I'mma play it to the ball [?]
In those wood swangin' crawls [?]
Like it's my last time, like it's my last time, last time
I'm buying out the bar
Live life just like a superstar
So put your cash down, put your cash down, cash down

I'm home again, on the throne again
Bout to sow up the hood, I was born them
300 bitch, a block burning for real
What them niggas is talkin'? 'cause I'mma say what I feel
I think they envy the flow, I heard they hatin' some more
That shit don't shake me lil buddy, like they wasn't hatin' before
They see me killin' the game, act like they blind to the fact
But all these hoes in my face want me to break out they back
Shawdy I know it's my time, you hopin' you make it
I give a trick not a dime, yea you known for your cakin'
I can read through your smile, I know that you fakin'
Been gettin' money since '04, so put up your paper
Lets go!


For starters I don't ball out there with lames
Sometimes losing out is just a part of the game
I'm talkin' 'bout some family, I'm talkin' 'bout some friends
No matter who it is, don't let 'em stop your ends
Remember way back when I did it for the love
So many turned bitch and that type I can't trust
So bygones is bygones and I am a movement
Talkin' all good but I'm known through this music
Money over choosin', fresh with some gators
Soon as I fell out the womb I was major
League as a player, million dollar draft pick
Panoramic clear, see my place in this rap shit
What's happenin'?