"It's A Movie" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"It's A Movie"

I'm paid in full, I paid my dues, I got nothing to lose
(It's a movie baby!)
Yea, Tony was right, if I stay on my grind, the world is mine
(It's a movie baby!)
The block is my stage, I was born for this, like who needs a script?
(It's a movie baby!)
(It's a movie baby!)

Straight out the gate, high speed collision
Pass 8 millimeter, we high definition
One take is all you get, one take is all you got
Don't move out your [?], stay in your spot
The camera makes sure you shot
So on point the man upstairs had to write this plot
So, direct me as he may, in this controversial play
Where the villain gets paid
Everybody doomed, the villain gets saved
Bullets flying, niggas dying, and I only get grazed
The plot thickens, how I'm ticken'
Just sit back, this the beginning


I'm dreaming of Oscars, and I'm eatin' on pasta
I am a Godfather, and we all the mobsters
And we ball with shottas [?], that's them Kingston Rastas
Donny Brascos catch hoes, crack heads like Lobsters
When you in too deep
Shit don't fall asleep
It's bitch black in the trap, that's the scenery
And your bodies is fallin', 'cause we wanna be made
'Cause power's boss, and the boss is paid
And them people is watchin' and them cameras is rollin'
It's any block near you, this movie is showin'
And I'm known to be focused and I'm classically trained
If you skip through the chapters, I'll be running the game