"Shawty Can We Kick It" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"Shawty Can We Kick It"

Shawty can we kick it [4x]
Holla if you with it [3x]

I, step in the club, fresh like what
See a little thang ain't nothin' like her
Do what she do and she do it well
Lil' mama give it to a nigga can't you tell
Got a couple drinks now chillin, chillin
Glanced at me with this feelin, feelin
I might just superman her
She can pose, and I ain't even brought no camera
Cool, make my move
Walk up to her like baby what it do
Ay, what it is
Ay, what the biddy
Yeah I'm tipsy but

Shawty can we kick it [4x]
Holla if you with it [4x]

Shawty can we ball out
Candy paint, crawl out
Probably buy the mall out
Drink until we fall out

Shawty can we kick it

If you came with your girl that's cool
She can come too
I ain't really trippin
We can go down that magic rabbit hole, and end up in Mississippi, let's go
I know, you will, you can't
Resist, this pimpin here, I'm the, flyest around write me down, now
We outside the club and she ready to go
Guess she never heard a nigga spit this heavy before
He did, he had a type of fetty to blow
And that whip, that's my car
I'm that star that she need to be with
Got protection, 'cause we gon' need it
Your mind still wonderin' you need to leave it
At home, ay


Don't act all shy
Show your skills
Sayin' you won't when I'm knowing you will
Knowing you gon' be saying you ain't
Claimin' you changed, I know you can't
Promiscuous, yeah, I'm knowing you be
Playin' your life down, I'm knowing you free
Pump your brakes yeah, I'm goin' your speed
I ain't got all night girl, so what it's gon' be?
Stop, pause, take a minute
Go, live, when we kick it
I, know, what you want and you came to me just to get it so
You ain't gotta exhibit it
You gon' ride, just admit it