"Gracile" lyrics - BOB SEGER


Let the right one in, take the wrong one out
In a poor old world, that's what it's about
Took a million years, with it thousands more
She walked out evolutions door

She's a winner, she cannot lose
Her body's gracile, she's the one you'd choose
You'll shout and holler, and lose your voice
Her body's gracile, you have no choice
Like the break of dawn, like the light of day
She's got it all, can't look away

She's a winner, all around the world
Her bodies gracile, your chosen girl
She' a winner, she owns your soul
Her body's gracile, and she's in control
Ohh-ohhh yes
I said ohh-ohhh yes

Don't have much sense, and I ain't too smart
One thing I know, she stands apart
When I watch her walk, when I see her dance
My little brain, ain't got much chance

She's a winner, and it's understood
Her body's gracile, it's more than good
She's a winner, she'll get away
Her body's gracile, and she's here to stay