"The Sea Inside" lyrics - BOB SEGER

"The Sea Inside"

When you're out there on that open road
And you have no place to go
There's a solace in the emptiness
When there is no need to know

You can drift away
You can spend the day without things
When the night comes on
You can spend it without dreams

I can wave out on the open sea
I can cloud up in the sky
You can move away from earthly things
You don't have to say goodbye

When you're free of lies
You can leave your past behind you
Call a brand new course
Let it take you far away

You can sail the sea
You can sail the sea inside you
You can leave it all
You can leave it all behind

When you're out there in the emptiness
And your dreams have been denied
It's time to face the wilderness
And sail the sea inside