"All At Once" lyrics - BONNIE RAITT

"All At Once"

Had a fight with my daughter,
She flew off in rage.
Third time this week,
Don't tell me it's the age.
Don't know how I've lost her,
Only know that it's a shame.
Ever since her daddy left,
The girl ain't been the same.

All at once I hear your voice,
And time just slips away.
Nothing they can say can hold me here.
Take me where I only feel,
The wind across my face.
Let me know there's some place left for me.
Waiting there for me...

Aww, who'm I kidding?
I should've known he'd never leave.
The time we spend together,
Is harder than the time between.
You wouldn't think it could hurt so,
To see them out the other day.
If that's what he calls leaving...
I guess I threw it all away.


They say women, we're the stronger.
Somehow we always make it through.
Well, that ain't what I feel right now.
I don't even think it's true.
To me there's lots more broken,
Than anyone can really see.
Why the angels turn their backs on some;
It's a mystery to me.