"No Business" lyrics - BONNIE RAITT

"No Business"

Yes, I'm lonely-hope you don't catch it
Don't want to be down where I last behaved
I broke his heart now I can't patch it
This time it's grave.

I kept track of all the love that I gave him
And on paper, well, it looked pretty good
He left a note that said he couldn't stay here
As if I could...

I guess my love's got no business, no business calling his name
I guess my love's got no business, no business to blame.

One of these days I thought we'd get it together
After all that boy was made for me
But all he left me was a mouth full of feathers
Little bird got free.

He always said my love was one sided
I tried to keep up with supply and demand
But there was one way that pie was divided
It was a big piece plan.


Well, now I'm getting desperate, baby getting illegal
I got the law doggies on my trail
The hawk's out and I could use and eagle
To go my bail.

You say you're itching baby, so go ahead and scratch it
But if its jumps off, don't look at me
You swore to God that I couldn't catch it
But your dog's got fleas.