"One Part Be My Lover" lyrics - BONNIE RAITT

"One Part Be My Lover"

When he looks in her eyes
He sees only the truth
Tellin' him he's been living a lie
Over and over like a line in a song
About all the love he let pass him by
To her he might be the man of her dreams
To find what she's been hiding inside
Broken or battered it really don't matter
Her hearts like a wave and he's the tide

They're not forever just for today
One part be my lover, one part go away

He's like a boxer who had to retire
After winning but killing a man
All of the moves and none of the courage
Afraid to throw a punch that might land
Not too much later she can't meet his glance
You see her start pulling away
Over and over like fire and ice
One is colored, one is gray


If you know how why don't you say em' a prayer
They're gonna need all they help they can get
They remember too much about what went wrong
It might be they should learn to forget
Forget themselves in each other
And leave what belongs in the past
Carry thier hearts like a new born child
Cause it's only the moment that lasts.


One part go away