"The Runaround" lyrics - CITY BOY

"The Runaround"

I had words with Rudy down on the lot
He couldn't help me out, it seems he forgot
What my name was, he was one of my many shoulders
Growing cold
Nothing to cry on or rely on for a friend

They call me the runaroud, happily holding her hand
The best kept man in town, lead your lady around,
I recall when half the world held her breath
The letters of her name hung in mid-air
But I woke up to a nightmare, and she follows me around,
Running gauntlets, staring haunted at the ground.


Hang around in Romanoff's to be seen,
Friends pass by like I've never been.
I remember party night, Halloween,
I was Tambourlaine and she was my queen
But the champagne and the wine stains and the friends
Who waived goodby,
Only echo as the wind blows, through the chandelier.