"Young Men Gone West" lyrics - CITY BOY

"Young Men Gone West"

Around the singles bar, playing parlour games
Marriane plays kiss and run and waves her welcomes again.
She's way out after dark, painted for the part,
To steal some young man's week away and rob him of his
To tease the lonelv brute with the dark blue tatoo
They choose the longer route up to his room
And leaning an the light, pursuing dirty nights
And eagle out on bail surveys his nails.

Young men gone west for a city roof
Young men gone west for their gin and vermouth
Young men gone west, it's young men for the boys
Leaving the next for their jewels and toys
Young men gone west from unhappy homes
Leading the way for the lonely ones.

Now Harry's lost weekend is trembling to a close,
He's drowned his dreams in nicotine and pawned his
He stumbles to the stairs, disturbs a love affair,
He shuffles as they stare and begs to be elsewhere
But can he claim a willing ear before they disappear
He's sure a lover's time worth a dime.


Young men gone west into kisses and crime
Seeing the stairway and wanting to, climb
Young men gone west for the rodeo, mistaking strangers
For people they know
Young men gone west, just wasting their days
Asking directions and losing their way