"Junk Man" lyrics - DANNY O'KEEFE

"Junk Man"

Through my dreams of darkness
The sunshine brings visions so sweet
To my window I go running
To a voice I hear calling in the street

There's a man on the corner
With some goods to sell
Sellin' minutes in heaven
For a lifetime in hell
Street corner peddler cryin'
Come on try my wares
Simple Simon
Come on and try my wares
I've got bottles of laughter
Baskets of eyes that just stare
I've got junk for sale

Spare parts for little wheels
Broken hearts and heavy deals
And if you live to tell your tale
Tell your friends I've got junk for sale

Uptown, downtown lookin' for your kicks
He's a doctor of sorrow
There ain't nothin' he can't fix

He's got junk for sale