"She Said: "Drive On, Driver"" lyrics - DANNY O'KEEFE

"She Said: "Drive On, Driver""

Heard a woman screamin' in the alley
Cryin', Lord, won't your come and rescue me
Seems that I have got myself in trouble
Looks like murder in the third degree

When he picked me up he was a sailor
But when he got me here he was a cop
He said, I think it's time you learned a lesson
I said, Man, ain't it time your learned to stop

Drive on, Driver
We're goin' for a ride
We're runnin' into trouble
And we're goin' to collide

In his pants he had a deadly weapon
But his silver bullet would not shoot
He slugged me till he'd gotten what he wanted
Ain't it strange the way you find a substitute

He said, That's all there is, it's over
I said, You're wrong, Man, it's just about to start
I keep a blade for sentimental reasons
And in a rage I drove it through his heart

Someone run and find a straight policeman
Tell him I have killed a crooked one
I won't wait you may be gone forever
Leave me with the bullets and the gun

When you give a hungry man a license
To do most ever that he please
He'll lead you the point of desperation
And then he'll want to drive you to your knees