"Steppin' Out Tonight" lyrics - DANNY O'KEEFE

"Steppin' Out Tonight"

Come on, let's kiss and make up
Paint a smile upon your face
Don't sit down you can stand the pace
We're steppin' out tonight

The band can play in nothin' flat
The drummer's gonna beat it back
Br> He's got straight drapes right off the rack
But he's steppin' out tonight

The trick is to be human
Join the race
If now is the hour
This must be the place
You could lose your mind
Tryin' to save your face
While in route
Try steppin' out tonight

The point's been made and stated
Don't you get it?
Put your money where your mouth is
And you bet it
If the joke's on you
Laugh and forget
Ain't no doubt
We're steppin' out tonight

It just takes a whiff of this
And maybe just a shot of that
Put on the dog
Put out the cat
We're steppin' out tonight