"Christmas Time" lyrics - DONNY OSMOND

"Christmas Time"

Baby, is Christmas Time
I want you to know
That I'm coming home
I'm on my way
Soon I'll be with you babe
Darling Its Christmas Eve
And when the kids are asleep
It will be time for you and me
Just like it used to be

I've been counting off the miles
Thinking 'bout your smile
And knowing your touch is so near
'Cause Baby its Christmas time
Our favourite time of the year

Baby, it's Christmas time
Hon, I can hardly wait
For you to be a kiss away
I'll hold you close
Under the mistletoe
With no one else around
And so much snow
On the ground
It's the perfect time
To let you know
How much I love you so

I only hope that lonely star
Will lead right where you are
It's your voice
I can't wait to hear
'Cause Baby its Christmas Time
Our favourite time of the year
Baby its Christmas time

The times getting closer
And my arms
Want to hold ya
I can hardly
Believe baby soon
You'll be by my side
Something I know is true
Every Christmas time
All I need is you

Baby it's Christmas Time
You need to know
I'm coming home
I'm own my way
Soon I'll be
With you babe
Oh, it's Christmas time
You're on my mind
You need to know
I love you so
It's Christmas Eve
Just like it
Used to be
Just you and me
It's Christmas time
Christmas Time
Christmas Time
With you with you