"Keep Her In Mind" lyrics - DONNY OSMOND

"Keep Her In Mind"

Something about how she moves me, soothes me
Whisper my name & I'm rendered helpless
All my defences are broken now
I'm lost in this love & there's no easy way out

Chorus: I'm gonna keep her in my mind
Just to keep her out of my heart
'Cuz I don't really need to fall in love
Before we even start
I know inside that she's the angel of my soul
She's the answer to my prayer
I know I'd better keep her out of sight 'cuz
They say that love is blind
So I just keep her in mind

She's so intoxicating, amazing
Her eyes burn like fire & I'm frozen, broken
All my defences desert me now
I'm tryin' to speak but my words don't make a sound

Keep her out of my soul
Always keep her where I can't lose control
Oh no, I'm falling, I feel it...
I just can't believe it how much that I need her right now...
I don't wanna, I don't wanna fall...