"My Perfect Rhyme" lyrics - DONNY OSMOND

"My Perfect Rhyme"

There's a song nobody's heard
I could sing you every word
Funny how I seem to know it by heart
Reminds me of the joy and tears
Of every day of every year
Help me seize the moment now
And make the music last

'Cause every melody is a symphony
For an audience of one
That's when I realize
I couldn't live without your love
Every word you say is a sweet refrain
In the most beautiful song
Every word and line
Every beat in time
Girl you know your mine
My Perfect Rhyme

Poetry and harmony
In everything you say to me
That's the feeling I get in my heart
So come to me and take my hand
I'll lead you through the longest dance
Even when the curtain falls
We'll make the music last

I need to hear you
Got to be right where you are
I need to feel you
No matter how close or far
But when I look back on our lives
Too many words for just one song
But all I know baby
The music will play on and on