"Aiiight Chill..." lyrics - GANG STARR

"Aiiight Chill..."
(Keith Elam / Chris Martin)
feat. A.G., DJ Mister Cee, DJ Scratch, Masta Ace, MC Eiht & Nas

[Message 1: Nas]
Yo yo, what up
Yo, yo, yo, Preem, what up, baby pa
Yo it's Nas
Aiiight chill

[Message 2: A.G.]
Yo Premier, what's up
It's your man, A.G., just calling to say what's up, yo
Aiiight chill

[Message 3: Masta Ace]
Yo Premier, yo, what up, yo
This is um, Ace, and shit
Yo [?] like in your face
Yo, um, I need some help on this, uh, fucking, hooking this equipment at the crib
I got some questions and shit
You know, eventually, I want to be able to make the disgusting shit you be making and fuck niggas' heads [out] with beats, so
Give me a call so I can ask these questions and shit and work this, work this shit out
Aiiight chill

[Message 4: Big Raw]
Ayo nigga, what's up?
It's Big Raw from East New York
Yo gimme a beep later
Aiiight chill

[Message 5: David from D&D]
Yo Premo, it's David from D&D Recording
And I know you're probably on your way to the session
I just needed you to confirm some parts for next week
I got someone on the phone who's interested
So I guess I'll see you in a minute
Aiiight chill

[Message 6: Howie]
Yo Premier, man, what's up man? This is Howie, man
Goddamn man, you told me you was gon' give me the tape and shit and, uh, that shit never came from you
You know I'm all fucked up in the hospital and sick and shit
Yo man, just give me a call and we could make a little something
Aiiight chill

[Message 7: MC Eiht]
Cheah, what up Premier? It's Eiht, baby
Kicking it out here in the hood in Compton, you know what I'm saying?
Good peeping out on that new album
I did see you in the studio, you know what I'm saying, dropping them phat beats
So get back with me on this down and low
Aiiight chill

[Message 8: DJ Scratch]
Yo Premier, yo it's DJ Scratch
Call my crib so we can practice on these skills
Aiiight chill

[Message 9: Big G]
Ayo Premier, this is Big G from the East
Me and Kirk getting it to blow upstairs
Don't you want to hang out, go get a haircut or something, you know what I'm saying?
Yo, give me a call later
Aiiight chill

[Message 10: Infinite]
Peace Premier, this is Infinite
I'm at the crib site, give me a shout out
Aiiight chill

[Message 11: ?]
A yo, Premo, what's up, yo?
Yo, I'm up in the BX, yo
See you ain't in, yo, probably in the studio making some phat beats
So I'll catch you on a later note
Aiiight chill

[Message 12: Mister Cee]
Yo Premier, man, this Mister Cee, Kid
Yo, man, I haven't been able to get with yo, man, you know what I'm saying?
Where the fuck you been at, man?
Saying, me and Kane done made this power move, I got [?] in a new joint
Listen, you got me to hear that new Gang Starr joint, you know what I'm saying?
Yo, man, I haven't even been seeing you, you've been so busy, man
You've been like, I haven't seen a brother
You know the only way I know that my shit is dope is if I play it in your truck, man
You know what I'm saying?
So yo, get with the brother, man
Also, yo, I got it going with Dirty Rotten Scoundrels with my man, Jeru, and the Group Home with my man, Lil Dap
Yo, keep that shit going on man
Aiiight chill