"Intro (The First Step)" lyrics - GANG STARR

"Intro (The First Step)"
(Keith Elam / Chris Martin)

It's about time to catch motherfuckers sleepin'
Wake the fuck up
Yo, all you kids wanna get on and shit
Just remember this, this shit ain't easy
If you ain't got it, you ain't got it motherfucker
Suckas be commin' up to me on some bullshit
Talkin' about they wanna freestyle and shit
Breath stinkin' like a motherfucker
Spittin' and shit
Other motherfuckers wanna stand next to me and just hang out
I never did that shit when I went to get on
All I did was give a motherfucker a pound or compliment
And I was out. Told him my name. Peace