GARTH BROOKS lyrics - Mr. Midnight

"Mr. Midnight"

Rain on the roof and time on my hands
It sure seemed quiet out there in radio land
They call me at the all-night station
Make their special dedications
And I do my best to play their request
When it's a desperate situation
This was a desperate situation

I'm Mr. Midnight alone and blue
The brokenhearted call me up
When they don't know what else to do
Every song is a reminder
Of the love that they once knew
I'm Mr. Midnight, can i play a song for you?

"Caller on the line could you please hold on?"
I recognized her voice
The moment I picked up the phone
Should I tell het that it's me or leave it at a memory
Haven't been myself since the day she left
And I'm never gonna be
I'm forever gonna be


Imagine my surprise when she spoke my name
She said "Could you tell him that I love him
And I wish things could be the same."
Then a voice I never knew
Said "Honey, who you talking to?"