GARTH BROOKS lyrics - Pushing Up Daisies

"Pushing Up Daisies"

Sometimes I tell you the way that I feel
I swear that I'm going crazy
Keep telling myself it ain't that big a deal
It's better than pushing up daisies

I felt the arrow from death's fatal quiver
Come so close it actually grazed me
I bled the blood and I've felt the cold shiver
God only knows how He saved me

There's two dates in time
That they'll carve on your stone
And everyone knows what they mean
What's more important
Is the time that is known
In that little dash there in between
That little dash there in between

Sometimes my heart is as true a a dove
Sometimes my heart it betrays me
So I draw my sword for to fight for my love
But without a whisper she slays me

My mother died but somehow she keeps living
She'll never cease to amaze me
Now Dad turns his back on each day that he's given
Because he'd rather be pushing up daisies