GARTH BROOKS lyrics - Rodeo Or Mexico

"Rodeo Or Mexico"

For a change I headed south across the border
For the pesos and a different horse to ride
I'd be back to make the rodeo in Waco
But that was long before I saw them dark brown eyes

With long black hair and English bad and broken
Her body said the words she couldn't find
As I hung on ever word she left unspoken
The question started leaning on my mind

Rodeo or Mexico
They both can keep a cowboy satisfied
Rodeo or mexico
The only way i know how to decide
Is just get on and ride

We danced all night beneath that sheet of cotton
And you just don't tell a girl like that goodbye
But the cowboy life ain't easily forgotten
Though lying there I couldn't help but wonder why


The morning found the answer dawning on me
As I woke up to the sharp end of a knife
He was screaming at the woman hanging on me
Does anybody know the Spanish word for wife?