"Small Talk At 125th & Lenox" lyrics - GIL SCOTT-HERON

"Small Talk At 125th & Lenox"

This is just like listening to a conversation being held by the many people who congregate on one of the most popular blocks
And the largest area of Black-America

Did you ever eat cornbread and black eyed peas?
Or watermelon and mustard greens?
Get high as you can on saturday night
Go to church on sunday to set things right

"I seen Miss Black after willie yesterday
She'd kill anybody who'd got in her way"

"Hey look, I got a TV for a pound on the head
And Jimmy Jean got the best pound of manian red"

"Nah I ain't got on no under-clothes
But the hull got to get through this gypsy-rose"

"I think Clay got his very good points
You say I trade back with thirteen joints?"

"Who cares if LBJ is in town?
Upward Stokely and age-wrapped Brown"

"Well I don't know if the riots is wrong
But Whitey been kicking my ass for too long"

"I 'sposed to baby, but they held my pay
Did you hear what the number was yesterday?"

"Junkies is alright when they ain't broke
They leaves you alone when they high on dope"

"Damn, but I wish I could get up and move
Shut up, hell, you know that ain't true"