"The Vulture" lyrics - GIL SCOTT-HERON

"The Vulture"

This is called "The Vulture"
And a lot of people think it's a poem
And after they hear me sing it, they sure it's a poem
But we gon' take a shot at it anyway

Remember this is a feel-like-thing, do whatever you feel like
If you feel like clapping your hands, you can do that

Standing in the ruins
Of another black man's life
Or flying through the valley
They're separating day and night
"I am death" cried the Vulture
"For the people of the light"

Charon brought his raft
And came from the sea that sails on souls
And saw the scavenger departing
Taking warm hearts to the cold.
He knew the ghetto was the haven
For the meanest creature ever known

In a wilderness of heartbreak
And a desert of despair
Evil's carrion of justice
Shrieks a cry of naked terror
He's taking babies from their mommas
And leaving grief beyond compare

You see the vulture coming
He's flying circles in your mind
There'll be no escaping
For he will follow close behind
Only promised me a battle
Battle for your soul and mine
Your soul and mine

He taking babies from their mommas
And he's leaving