"Niagara" lyrics - GOODBYE MR. MACKENZIE

(Martin Metcalfe)

Across the falls I look for reason
Across her eyes I look for something
The river curve around her body
Her ruby mouth kisses me softly
And she knows that I am dying
And she knows what she is doing
She whispers in my ear
"You're getting weaker; dear.'
In dreams I'm pulling harder
I push my body from her
I'm in some small canoe
It"s impossible to do

Niagara waits at the waterfall
Niagara plans my downfall
She sells her soul to him
In her hand a crystal decanter
She is pouring potent water
There she moves, chiffon and feather
Lace and l*** hang around her
The b***** rose's petals
Are growing dark and darker
She gives herself to me
In mute complicity
And I cannot possess her
I know their jaws will rip her
Their fishy eyes won't blink
Animals don't think
Mother won't you give me a colour for my face
And a gender for presenting to my relatives?
Give my heart a steadiness to keep my fingers calm
There's only one way out of this. There's only one way
The wire