"Touch The Bullseye" lyrics - GOODBYE MR. MACKENZIE

"Touch The Bullseye"
(Fred Kelly / Martin Metcalfe)

I'm in a derelict house
I'm in a derelict land
The scuds are flying around
Killing insects on the desert sand
A pet of the paralysed world
Send information to the paralysed world
Let the hero scribbler speak
Stuck in a fox hole with a vixen girl
Touch the bullseye

Caught in a paintball trap
Floating with the duty free
They're blinking on the other end
Press on their noses, they're living through me
'Kill Sin" written in blood on a wall
Mister Fisher got sucked in by it all
The fish cut him up and sold him in tins
Their small arms are ceasing

Someone had to do it
Someone had to show them
How his arms and his legs got pulled in

Mister Fisher got pulled in
Mister Fisher got sucked in
Come on and join in