"The Grip" lyrics - GOODBYE MR. MACKENZIE

"The Grip"
(Fred Kelly / Martin Metcalfe)

I'm in the grip, I'm a sinking ship
Fee! nothing, feel no pride
Red lips - took control
One taste and I'm a vegetable
You see no answers in my eyes
Bring answers to my throne
All my senses, come and gone
I'm in the grip of blondie hair
Discus eyes - no underwear
It's bad, feels divine, gets meaner every time

And all the people are singing 'hey, hey, hey'
We know you and we know where you stay
Never mind, mother is the word

I'm in the grip; of a 2-hour day
I'm in the grip of what to say
I'm in the grip of the sun in the morning
I'm in the grip of my feet in the evening

But I'm in the grip

I'm in the grip of friends who say 'my, my'
If you are lucky you will die
So have some fun and say goodbye