"Ancient Cryme" lyrics - HELIUM

"Ancient Cryme"

Aging children say
"Give your life away"
It's truthful
I talk, I don't play
I live for today
It's useful

In an ancient time
For a magic crime
She rode the
Sun up to the sky
"How'd we get so high?"

Aren't I soft enough for you?
I was getting off just being rude
And if there's some kind of party won't you call me to go?
I'll be on top of the mountain that's covered in snow

Come on, feel my pain
Does it fall like rain
Inside a plastic skeleton
Where we play our game?

The ball shoots
Up and then falls down
And cannot be found
While the
World is deep in space
Revolving round

From the way that you said it I could tell that you lied
And in the month of September, I heard we died
And when they opened their mouths they were all black inside
Coming out of the mountain on an ancient ride