"Cosmic Rays" lyrics - HELIUM

"Cosmic Rays"

Saint Christopher, help them please
I saw them floating on a little breeze
Their hearts were tiny and their eyes were black
When I heard the whole world crack
Born in the time of the awful power
Out of the ground like little flowers
I saw them listen to the radio
And I can still hear it go

When the sun comes up under the ground
The love is shining all around
Down by the river the dragons play
Digging for the light of day

I don't care if it takes too long
I really don't care about this song
I'll be outside with the other freaks
Because our wills are weak
I can't see you on this awful day
I can't see you anymore anyway
Radio waves are in the way
It's the dawn of the cosmic day

When the sun comes up in your mind
Say goodbye to all of your kind
Down by the river the dragons die
Watched by prophets in the sky